Starry, Starry Night (Thank you, Vincent)

So, while laying on my couch watching some Comedy Central stand-up specials, I got the bug, the urge to get up and go shoot something. Nevermind that it was 10 at night, I had to go driving and find something to shoot. I do that from time to time, but tonight was a little extra weird. While out driving around (ended up at a gas station in North Salt Lake) I just randomly said “I want to go out to the Salt Flats.” Filled up the gas tank, grabbed a Diet Coke, some Funyuns (I think that’s how they’re spelled) and some Sour Punch Straws, called another photog buddy (Julien Gomez) and we hit the road at 10:30pm. For those who don’t know, the Salt Flats, aka Bonneville Speedway, is/are a MASSIVE desert of just hardened salt (see: Independence Day the movie, the scene with the armada of RV’s in the desert.) It’s a little over an hour and a half west of Salt Lake, and to begin the trek at almost 11 at night was a bit ambitious, but the photos we got and the fun we had: WELL worth not getting home till 4:30am.


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