Starry Night Time-lapse Video ver. 1.0

So after a few attempts at just merely practicing the technique of time-lapse video a few times, and a test run out to the salt flats for some trial star photos (Link Here) I decided to make an overnight camping trip out of my first full attempt at some astrophotography time-lapse video. What resulted was not quite what I had hoped, but was earned with blood, sweat, tears, mud, salt, tow trucks, wind, wasted Ice Cream, a severe lack of Diet Coke, more salt, more mud, lack of sleep, and a story too ridiculous to tell with words. Long story short: I hate the Bonneville Salt Flats and will find a new place to try my star photos from now on. But, I digest. On to the simple vid…

Salt Flats Stars from Michael Mangum on Vimeo.

This was my first attempt at astrophotography time-lapse video. Even 120 miles away from Salt Lake City you can still see the city light pollution in the corner.


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