Astro-timelapse, Bonneville Salt Flats

Awhile back I started getting into timelapse stuff and made a couple trips out to the Salt Flats to experiment. Each adventure was more successful than the last. Then, Astronomy Week at Bryce Canyon came, preceding the final NASA shuttle launch, and then the final frontier was on everyones minds. So, my former boss at The Salt Lake Tribune decided to send me back out again to make an even better feature video dealio, for which he (Jeremy Harmon, Director of Photography at The Tribune) sat down and wrote a nice, little 35-second musical diddy to accompany the video. My adventure was quite interesting, and very……..I don’t have the right words to describe. Camping alone out far enough away from everything that you can’t even hear the faintest sound from the interstate, nor leaves ruffling, nor any bubbling brooks, is actually kind of surreal (and creepy at the same time…) Nevertheless, I still had fun.

The next morning while I was waiting for my exposures to finish up I had a little sunrise driving range practice since I happened to have my golf clubs in my trunk. Sunrise was gorgeous. My drives were equally beautiful. :)

And then, when all was said and done, here was the final product. I was pleased with it, but I know I can make better. (View this one in 1080p) Copyright (C) The Salt Lake Tribune 2011


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