2012 X96 Big Ass Show | Neon Trees | The Used | Imagine Dragons | AWOLNATION | Gallivan Center

As if the 2011 show was crazy enough, I had to shoot it again. I’ll tell you what, X96 sure knows how to put on a concert, and the Gallivan Center is becoming one of my favorite venues. There’s just something slightly epic (can that phrase be used that way? I’m using it anyway) about rock concerts in the middle of high rise office buildings and hotels. Urban rock. Last year’s show was crazy awesome, with fill-in lead singers for Panic! at the Disco, and a bunch of other good bands. This year, again, Neon Trees rocked the roof off. Along with The Used and Imagine Dragons (all with Utah roots and connections), the crowd was treated to a special performance. Tyler Glenn, lead singer and frontman for Neon Trees, even threw a shout out to the Provo, UT music scene, in more or less words declaring it awesome. I was told by event coordinators that around double the tickets were sold this year compared to last year, and had an estimated attendance of 14,000-15,000. SLC knows how to rock it! Enjoy the photos.

For the 2011 show, click here.


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