Allie and Dillon’s Wedding Day | Private Hangar | Idaho Falls Temple

The thermostat in the car after waking up the next morning to drive home from Idaho Falls read “-17 F.” It. Was. Freezing. But boy was it BEAUTIFUL. Fresh snow all over, a little bit sprinkling down, gorgeous bride, and an ecstatic groom. This was the epitome of “a beautiful winter wedding.”

The ceremony was at the Idaho Falls LDS Temple, candids on the temple grounds, then formals and the reception at a private hangar in Aberdeen, ID. Talk about an  AMAZING display! 2 airplanes, silk drapes, and chandeliers; this place was completely transformed into a STUNNING reception hall (which was surprisingly warm and cozy, given the temperatures outside!) All I can say about this wedding is “wow.” Congrats to Allie and Dillon!

Shot with/for my good friend Jordan Carli Photography


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