Miss Utah Scholarship Pageant 2013 | Ciera Pekarcik | Capitol Theater

For the 2012 pageant photos, visit here.

I had the privelege of shooting this years Miss Utah pageant again with my good friend Chad Braithwaite at Faces Photography. I partner up my friends from time to time to cover larger events like these, and I love it. Shooting from the center pit I had quite the view for the entire event. I always love shooting these events, not just because of the obvious beautiful women, but because I love shooting events where real emotion is on full display. Weddings, breaking news stories… I’ve photographed many things in my career, and the emotion these events is just as real. These women work their butts off getting in shape, practicing their talents, taking classes, all in the hopes of representing the state. These photos speak for themselves as to the extent these women are invested in what they’re doing, and as Ciera was announced… well, you’ll see how much it meant after giving it a try 4 separate times. Big congratulations to Ciera Pekarcik, Miss Utah 2013, Kara Arnold, Miss Utah 2012, and to the rest of the contestants. Loved photographing you all.


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