Eclipse | Live in Concert | Sandy Amphitheater

Going back 12 years ago, I discovered a local a capella group named Eclipse. An impressive mix of not only soulful melodies and full harmonies, but a killer beatbox, and a standout sound you don’t often hear from an a capella group. Again, a standout sound you don’t often hear from an a capella group… There’s good reason Kenny Ortega invited Eclipse to perform in 2002 Olympic Winter Games opening ceremonies in Salt Lake City, and it’s not just because they were some “local flavor” Ortega wanted to integrate.

10 years ago they released their first Christmas album called Three Kings, and the guys asked if I would help with the production of the cd-release concert by acting as M.C. and videographer. Backstage with the group I had a pretty neat experience. Having basically memorized their (then) 2 cd’s, I was completely blown away when in the green room they began their warmups. I kid you not it was as if someone flipped the switch on a stereo and began playing the tracks right in front. Their sound was EXACTLY as it is on the album. The integrity of their sound absolutely blew me away. As a fan, and a friend, I was honored to have been asked to shoot the concert for the group. It was a day full of laughs, old memories, and definitely new memories. And what a beautiful night for some music at the Sandy Amphitheater!

Eclipse online, see them here.


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