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Velour Live Music Gallery – Open mic night

Velour is a groovy little venue in Provo (the only downside to the venue) that is a local music enthusiast’s and hobbyist/aspiring young talent’s dream hub. With a variety of touring shows and frequent local acts, Velour has become the go-to place for intimate setting concerts. Open mic night and a couch change worths cover



….because every once in awhile you just snap a random photo that you like…  

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July 16, 2011 6:13 pm
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Lap Battle – Miller Motorsports Park

I spent the day out at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT partly for a buddy who was racing his Nissan 350Z, and partly because it’s just pretty freakin’ cool out there. The sweet smell of burning rubber when it’s intentional and NOT your car, the difficulty of conversation from engines, chills. Anyway, here’s a


Josh & Kelsey’s Wedding @ Millcreek Inn

I was asked to second shoot for Josh and Kelsey’s wedding. Their big day was at a venue I had never shot at before, Millcreek Inn up in the Wasatch mountains. Beeeaaaauuutiful up there, perfect weather, too. The sun was kinda harsh at times, but once it went down, we rocked with some killer off


Starry Night Time-lapse Video ver. 1.0

So after a few attempts at just merely practicing the technique of time-lapse video a few times, and a test run out to the salt flats for some trial star photos (Link Here) I decided to make an overnight camping trip out of my first full attempt at some astrophotography time-lapse video. What resulted was

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