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Becca B – studio

So my gorgeous friend Becca recently had her birthday, and was in need of some new pictures for something she was working on, and I wanted to shoot in the studio, so in spur-of-the-moment we headed over and spent a few hours goofing around. Happy Birthday Becca!

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April 26, 2011 1:53 am
Fun, Portraits

Matt Wertz w/Ben Rector @ Kilby Court

On a day where things just SUCKED, there was only one thing I wanted. Well, two. Shooting, and music. My grandma had passed away earlier that day and needless to say I was in a kind of somber mood. Groovin’ out with Matt Wertz and my camera was one of the very few things that


Old D News building

Just a random picture I took the other day while out looking for something downtown.


Cameron Rafati – On air and live @ The Downstairs

Before a concert at The Downstairs in Park City Cameron was interviewed on the radio and played a couple of songs, then played a KILLER show. Such a fun night.


New Years Eve @ The Bay feat. TYGA & Moise Bently

My good friend Andrea shoots a lot of stuff for 3 Four Group, concerts and such, but was unable to over New Years Eve and asked if I step in for her. Decent concert at The Bay.

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