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Imagine Dragons w/ The Vibrant Sound @ Rooftop Concert Series

Each concert I shoot presents new challenges. It seems that each venue I photograph there are always ugly, new problems that give a photographer headaches. Whether it’s a really busy background full of distracting elements, strong colored spotlights that make the artist look ill, or 30-foot tall lamp posts blocking every shot and a bi-level


Velour Live Music Gallery – Open mic night

Velour is a groovy little venue in Provo (the only downside to the venue) that is a local music enthusiast’s and hobbyist/aspiring young talent’s dream hub. With a variety of touring shows and frequent local acts, Velour has become the go-to place for intimate setting concerts. Open mic night and a couch change worths cover


Ron Pope w/ Ari Herstand & Zach Berkman

For me personally, this concert was long awaited. About 2 years ago I got inspired to organize a breast cancer research benefit concert, mostly because of a neat experience I had listening to one of Ron Pope’s songs, called “I Am Not Afraid.” I had a venue lined up, event insurance, a few vendors, almost


Aggie Fest 2011

Went back up to Logan where I had my freshman year of college for Aggie Fest 2011. They shut down 700 North through campus and threw a street party, with Sean Kingston headlining. My old buddy Ed Eyre and his band The Vibrant Sound performed, Allred, Fictionist (not pictured in gallery) and the band I


Matt Wertz w/Ben Rector @ Kilby Court

On a day where things just SUCKED, there was only one thing I wanted. Well, two. Shooting, and music. My grandma had passed away earlier that day and needless to say I was in a kind of somber mood. Groovin’ out with Matt Wertz and my camera was one of the very few things that

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