What exactly is the difference between a “wedding photojournalist” and a wedding photographer?

A wedding photojournalist has a different approach to photographing a wedding than most. Just as in the media, the photojournalist at a wedding is focused on nonintrusive, “fly-on-the-wall” documentation, with an emphasis on capturing moments, rather than artificially setting them up. Few, if any, posed photographs. As this┬ásurprisingly well-wrtten Wiki article reads, “The craft requires a strong sense of composition, lighting, timing and editing.” Spot on. I’m there to show capture your story effectively, not influence it.


Are you fun, goofy, and enjoyable to work with?

Yes, yes, and yes. My clients will attest to how enjoyable it is to shoot with me. (As long as I have a Diet Coke with me :) )


Are you available for travel?

Absolutely. I have had gigs in a number of different states. The standard room, board, and travel expenses apply.


Do you shoot maternity photos?

I don’t think you’re willing to pay my price. In other words, no, but I suppose everyone has a price. :)


Do you require a deposit?

For weddings I require a $1000 retainer in order to reserve your day. The remaining balance is due on or before the first photo session.


Do you provide all the images from my shoot on a disc for me?

I will provide a disc with low-res versions of my edited photos for use on Facebook, personal blogs, etc. And just as a film photographer would not give his/her filmstrips/negatives, I do not give out hi-res versions of my photographs. I apologize for inconveniences this may cause.


How long will I have to wait to get my photos?

My turn-around time is 4 weeks, sometimes quicker (depending on workload.)


What is “basic retouching”?

My style of retouching is very, very natural. I do not like fad-y, trendy editing. I target color accuracy and natural feelings with my editing. My basic retouching consists of fine-tune exposure control, color correction, appropriate vignetting, etc. If more intensive digital reworking is desired, the rate is $60/hour (prorated to the tenth hour.) This includes headswaps, bodypart tucking/shrinking, etc.


Do you teach workshops or private lessons?

YES! If there’s one thing I love about photography it is teaching! Contact me for rates and such!


If you have any other questions, visit my Contact page or Email me.

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