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About me… Hmmmm. Where to begin. I’m random. Spontaneous. Slightly out of control at times. But above all, passionate. When I find something I truly love, there’s no stopping my pursuit, and I am passionate about photography.

Born and raised in Murray, Utah, to a family of 3 kids. I am the baby, unless you count my two gorgeous nieces and stud of a nephew as additions to the family. I am a graduate of Murray High school, and have a Bachelors of Science in Finance from the University of Utah.

In addition to photography, I am also very passionate about music, and enjoy plucking around on my acoustic guitar. I enjoy playing with my nieces, adventuring outdoors with my friends, going to art galleries and the symphony, or just staying at home, cooking a nice dinner, and watching a good movie. Long, loud, belly-deep laughs tickle my fancy.

My Style – The Difference

I haven’t been shooting weddings for the longest nor have I shot the largest quantity of them, but my personal experience makes the difference between myself and others.

Having spent time in photojournalism with a couple of newspapers, I see things differently than the majority of photographers in the wedding and portrait market. Progressive in approach, and traditional in feel, my style connects my clients to their photographs deeper than any fad or trend of the day can. Timeless, not trendy. That is not only my basic approach, but a core belief. My clients love their photographs today, but equally important they will also in 30 years, and won’t have those reminiscent *head scratching* “What were we thinking?!” moments. The events are special and meaningful, and should be captured and displayed in the realest and truest sense possible. Without lying, without enhancing, without detracting. Real. And raw.

Life, love, and the pursuit.

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