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San Clemente, CA sunset

I flew down to southern California to sign paperwork with a photo agency called ZUMA Press in San Clemente, and on the way back up to where I was staying in Huntington Beach I decided to just hang out on the beach awhile. The sunset was gorgeous. Just a simple photo


Timelapse of sunset over Salt Lake from Block U

So I’m in the middle of working on a timelapse project: documenting “a day in the life of SLC,” with the final scene being a sunset over Salt Lake. This was just a practice round, but it could potentially be a winner in the end. So here’s a sneak peak of some things to come…


Astro-timelapse, Bonneville Salt Flats

Awhile back I started getting into timelapse stuff and made a couple trips out to the Salt Flats to experiment. Each adventure was more successful than the last. Then, Astronomy Week at Bryce Canyon came, preceding the final NASA shuttle launch, and then the final frontier was on everyones minds. So, my former boss at



….because every once in awhile you just snap a random photo that you like…  

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July 16, 2011 6:13 pm
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Starry Night Time-lapse Video ver. 1.0

So after a few attempts at just merely practicing the technique of time-lapse video a few times, and a test run out to the salt flats for some trial star photos (Link Here) I decided to make an overnight camping trip out of my first full attempt at some astrophotography time-lapse video. What resulted was

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