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Astro-timelapse, Bonneville Salt Flats

Awhile back I started getting into timelapse stuff and made a couple trips out to the Salt Flats to experiment. Each adventure was more successful than the last. Then, Astronomy Week at Bryce Canyon came, preceding the final NASA shuttle launch, and then the final frontier was on everyones minds. So, my former boss at


Starry Night Time-lapse Video ver. 1.0

So after a few attempts at just merely practicing the technique of time-lapse video a few times, and a test run out to the salt flats for some trial star photos (Link Here) I decided to make an overnight camping trip out of my first full attempt at some astrophotography time-lapse video. What resulted was


Starry, Starry Night (Thank you, Vincent)

So, while laying on my couch watching some Comedy Central stand-up specials, I got the bug, the urge to get up and go shoot something. Nevermind that it was 10 at night, I had to go driving and find something to shoot. I do that from time to time, but tonight was a little extra

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