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Townsend Girls | Salt Lake Temple Square

These 3 cute girls are sisters, and their mother wanted to have a photo session in their new white dresses. What better place than Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake during springtime? The tulips were in bloom, the grass was green, it was beautiful. Awesome session!


Timelapse of sunset over Salt Lake from Block U

So I’m in the middle of working on a timelapse project: documenting “a day in the life of SLC,” with the final scene being a sunset over Salt Lake. This was just a practice round, but it could potentially be a winner in the end. So here’s a sneak peak of some things to come…


Old D News building

Just a random picture I took the other day while out looking for something downtown.


Ian the Actor

So my buddy Ian does some acting in plays and such and needed some new headshots for his portfolio or whatever. Quick little shoot in an alleyway in downtown SLC.  

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April 24, 2011 2:32 pm

Round 2. Becca S

This particular shoot ended up being quite interesting, and NOT because of the photographs. More on that later. This was my second shoot, back in early 2009, with my friend Becca. Becca had also done a little bit of modeling, but I was better closer friends with her than with Tandra, AND it wasn’t my

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