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James & Shaylene, wedding day

Salt Lake Temple. Sunshine. A friend to come second shoot with me. Good day. Plus, I had never been to Le Jardin, a pretty groovy little place for receptions.


James & Shaylene

One quick post/photo for one quick session. Shaylene and I had shot once previous for a James Bond shoot (see here) and she asked that I shoot the wedding as well!

Published on:
April 25, 2011 10:48 pm

Rachel & Piper, wedding day

Yet another Ute wedding. But this one had a special flare to it. The Most Epic Chrony Ever Period. 2 former editors (Rachel and Matt) of The Daily Utah Chronicle (the school newspaper for the University of Utah, for which I am a former assistant photo editor) entered nuptial hell/bliss together, and so my buddy/coworker


Karly & Carlos, anniversary pics

So a fellow photographer was hired to shoot some anniversary pics for a couple, Karly and Carlos, and I offered to go along to help. I also took my camera and shot some second-shooter style pics and this is what came out. LOVED them, especially with a black and white toning.


Zach & Addi, wedding day

After an awesome formals session the day quickly came for the bells. Salt Lake Temple on a beautiful day, then up to Rice-Eccles tower for a ring ceremony and reception. Another long day, but worth it!

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